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Bank loan

Foldana Residence Kft doesn’t provide loans or an installment payment option to its clients. However, bank loans and the Family Home Benefit (CSOK) are available.If you would like to take a loan for the purchase of an apartment, you can administrate that at any financial institution. The project’s financing bank is Gránit Bank Zrt, where loans with unique conditions are available. These are administrated for the clients of our project by a dedicated contact person.

Ownership right obtaining cost

In the case of an apartment purchase, a 4% fee is due for the price portion over HUF 15 million, meaning that our apartments under the price of HUF 15 million are not subject to the fee. There is also a 4% fee for parking spaces and storage rooms, but no discount is applicable to these. Our company’s property registration division administrates the preparation of sale-purchase contracts and the registration of ownership rights in the Land Registry, thus for our clients contract conclusion costs are by far more favorable than at a law firm.

Payment schedule

The Payment schedule is as follows:

 - Registration fee: HUF 500,000              -At the time of contract conclusion, as down-payment: 10%, the HUF 500,000 registration fee is credited towards this  - At the start of construction, as purchase price advance: 10%                   - Last purchase price portion upon legally effective occupancy: 80% 

Home savings account 

If you have a home savings account, you can also simply and easily use your savings, as well as the favorable loan applicable with it, to purchase one of our apartments.

Our company provides all required documentation to certify home purpose use, and we also flexibly adjust to the payment conditions set by your home savings bank.

If you intend to use your home savings account and a home savings bank loan, please indicate this prior to the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract.


Project financing bank 
GRÁNIT BANK the DigitalBank 

The financing partner of the Foldana Family construction project is Gránit Bank Zrt, which provides the project loan necessary for the construction.
Furthermore, Gránit Bank provides loans with favorable conditions to our clients, for purchasing apartments that will be constructed in the project.
At the bank a dedicated contact person services our project clients.


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