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Homes with cost-efficient cooling and heating

During the development of our building engineering systems, we place highlighted emphasis on minimizing environmental impact. In the interest of efficient energy consumption, we develop the building engineering systems to satisfy today’s technological quality standards, by this minimizing unnecessary energy consumption. The production of hot water will be performed by an indirect heating buffer tank located in the building engineering premises.

We will develop the hot water network supplying apartments and common use premises in a circulation system. We ensure the adjustability of the system by installing regulating valves. 


The heating supply of the building will be performed from the building engineering premises designed for the 5th floor. Considering the heat demand of hot water supply we will install 2 Remeha Quinta Pro wall mounted cascade unit boilers with 107 kW capacity. The building will be air-conditioned, and we will ensure that renewable energy will make up an amount equal to at least 25% of annual energy consumption, in accordance with regulations that will take effect on 01 January 2021.

The heat center designed with a condensation boiler will provide the heat for hot water supply, on top of the radiator system heating. One of the advantages of the recommended Panasonic system is that it can be operated cost-efficiently in a wide external temperature range. The Panasonic Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump system also provides air-conditioning in the summer. On top of this, in its heat pump mode it has the capacity to supply the building with heating through the entire heating season. The indoor units will be designed in a side-wall mounted system. The factory control system can measure the energy consumption of each indoor unit separately. Individual water meters and heat meters will be installed, located in junction boxes outside of the apartments. 


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